Wedding Unity Candle: The Wedding’s Symbol of Unity In Love

wedding unity candle wording

The wedding unity candle is considered new to the traditional wedding ceremony. The unity candle is ceremonial event which the bride and groom light a big candle with each one candle in their hand simultaneously. It is sometime accompanied by the music. The ceremony is presented usually after the formal vows.

The wedding unity candle is most popular in United States. The ceremony symbolizes the love of bride and groom has joined together into one family that loves each other. It is popular that the big candle which is lit by the couple is a representation of love and allegiance from each family.

The History Of Wedding Unity Candle

Though some of Catholic and Anglican churches forbid this ceremony due to the tradition is not from their part of wedding ceremony, the use of wedding unity candle still become popular and widespread. The bishops indicated that the unity candle is permitted with some exceptions. First the couple should light the individual candle form a special place in the church. Second, the bride and groom should not extinguish their candle. And the third, the unity candle or the big candle where the bride and groom join their candle together shouldn’t be place on the altar.

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