Wedding Program Thank You Wording Parents

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Wedding program thank you wording actually isn’t necessary in wedding. However, it’s not wrong to create it, because, it can really help you, especially if you have big wedding event or you invite many guest.

The Parent Parts of Wedding Program Thank You Wording

There are many important parts that you need to include in the wedding program. One of them is the parent part. There are few things that you need to remember for this part. First, you need to place correct name for this part. For example, parents of the bride are Elizabeth and Ray Smith. If parents of bride or groom are divorced, you also need to include both of the parents and stepparents name in this thank you wording. Make sure you put correct name, either if the separated parents still use the married name or not. Remember, although they are separated, they are still your parents, person that love and raise you until you are ready to face the world and meet your loved one.

You also can make this wedding program feel more special by adding some words that has deep meaning and of course, those words must express your appreciation to your parents. That way, this will make your wedding day become one of special moment in your life.

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