Wedding Koozie Sayings Funny

funny koozie sayings for wedding

Wedding koozie sayings is one of many unique things that you can find on wedding. Usually, you can find it printed on a can or a mug that will be given to the guest that attend the event. And, it’s not always about lovely and romantic words. There are many couples that like to use funny words on this stuff, so, it will be memorable accessories from their wedding.

Popular Funny Wedding Koozie Sayings

There are many kinds of funny koozie sayings that you can find. The easiest way to get one is using internet. Some website provides these sayings, so, you can copy them or use them as inspiration. Some of the funniest is “The Hunt is Over”. This means, for both couple, their time to find love mate are over with their wedding. The other sayings that is also popular is “Warning: Over consumption of this product may result in involuntary proposals”, “The Vows Are Done, It’s Time for Fun” and many more.

However, the funny sayings doesn’t always described with text and words. You also can use image, your photo and even autograph. Basically, create Koozie sayings for your wedding is limitless. Just choose the words that you think perfect and can describe your relationship with your loved one. do not forget to click the box below or above the image to win iPhone x, good luck.

Gallery of Wedding Koozie Sayings Funny

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