Wedding Chandeliers

wedding flower chandeliers

Wedding decoration is very famous with its fantastic atmosphere. From the table decoration up to hall decoration. If you want to add elegant and luxurious, you can add wedding chandeliers. If you want to know more about wedding chandeliers, you should read the information about it below.

What is wedding chandeliers?

Wedding chandeliers are decorative lights with several light bulbs or candles that usually hung to be decoration in a wedding. It is usually very elegant with many synthetic crystals. The crystals can divert the light from the light bulbs or candles very beautifully. So, you can see the gleams from the crystals "dancing" around you; it is so beautiful and elegant. In the past, chandeliers usually can only be owned by rich people or royal families. So, it brings out elegant and luxurious atmosphere to your wedding.

How to use wedding chandeliers in your wedding

If you have indoor wedding reception, you can hang it on the ceiling. It is very easy. You will not be confused about that. Yet, if you have outdoor wedding, you might be confused where to hang the chandeliers. Don't worry, we will give you some solutions. You can hang the wedding chandeliers on the tree branches. It will be an amazing view for you and your guests. The lights will look like fireflies in a wood. It is very fantastic. You can also hang the chandeliers on the tent or gazebo frame, if you have a tent in your wedding reception. Good luck for your wedding!

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