Victorian Wedding Dresses with Soft and Romantic Look

antique victorian wedding dresses

What comes across your mind when you hear about Victorian wedding dresses? You may remember the soft romantic look the Victorian wedding dresses are known for. What makes the wedding dresses in Victorian style famous and noticeable is how they look truly amazing and sophisticated with silky satins and elaborate laces. The Victorian wedding gowns are mostly found with sparkling pearls and cute bows to adorn.

If you have hour-glass body figure, these dresses surely will make your figure more beautiful. Well, it is because of how the Victorian wedding dresses were used to be made to emphasize that gorgeous body figure, which was considered as beautiful during the Victorian era. To emphasize the hour-glass body figure, full skirts are included into Victorian wedding dresses and buoyed by layers made from crinoline petticoats and hoop skirts. Not to forget the corsets too to make the small waistlines even smaller to present the fitted bodices.

History of Victorian Wedding Dresses

The popularity of Victorian wedding dresses can be traced back to the moment when Queen Victoria was married to Albert of Saxe-Coburg in 1840. On the wedding day, The Queen wore a beautiful white gown which was made to feature the beautiful lace she valued the most. Well, back on that time, lace was considered as expensive and luxurious items and only elite could purchase it. Right after the photograph of wedding day was published, many brides preferred the white.

However, it did not mean the white wedding dresses in Victorian era were not adapted to match the current style of that day. They are beautifully styled to be stylish, such as back in 1920s when the dresses were commonly short in the front. For the back, the amazing details displayed longer train. To complement the Victorian wedding dresses, the bride on that time usually wore cloche-like wedding veil. do not forget to click the box below or above the image to win iPhone x, good luck.

Gallery of Victorian Wedding Dresses with Soft and Romantic Look

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