Unique Western Wedding Decorations

western wedding arch ideas

Putting some western wedding decorations is a good choice for people who wants to have their western style themed wedding. You don’t have to be rich or have much money to get this western theme for your wedding. Instead, you can start gathering ideas in your environment to make some Do-It-Yourself things and cut down the wedding budget. You can do it in a budget without leaving the traces of country and rustic feels.

Choosing Western Wedding Decorations

Have you ever thought about using mason jars as decoration? Mason jars are really useful to give western country feeling if you use them as decoration. Not a plain mason jar, of course. You must decor it first before you can put them in your wedding reception. You can use mason jar as flower vases. Put several bright colored flowers in it, wrap the jar with burlap and ribbon, then hang it in every corner of your wedding place.

You also can place some haystacks in the wooden gate as decoration to welcome your guests. Put some haystacks too in the place where the bride and groom will exchange the vow along with some barrels and wooden plank with their name on it. To make the wedding more unique, you can put several boots for the decoration too.

Western Wedding Decoration in A Budget

It’s not impossible to have western themed wedding in a budget. You just need to gather your close friends and family, make them help you with some things, and you can have your incredible unique wedding.

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