Trillion Cut Engagement Ring Settings

trillion cut solitaire diamond engagement ring

Trillion cut engagement rings are one of many rings that have different feeling than most of standard engagement ring. Instead using the square or round shape diamond or other stone, this ring use triangle cut.

The Dazzling Trillion Cut Engagement Rings Shine

The unique setting of the diamond or other stone cutting style make this ring has different effect, when you shine it with light. If most of standard engagement ring will shine brightly to all direction, this cut creates magnificent effect by focusing on three directions. And, some of the setting that uses three diamonds creates star shape shine, which is unique and elegant. Therefore, this ring has become the most popular ring today, because of its simplicity and beauty that can’t be found on other rings.

Beside the beautiful shine, this ring also has different setting that creates unique appearance. You can find many designs, from the standard ring band, to the split band and even curling band setting. However, some of company tries to create the tension ring setting for this trillion cut, but, apparently, they didn’t continue their design. The reason is simple, it looks bad. So, with many unique and beautiful features that this ring has, it’s definitely on of best engagement ring you can find on the store. do not forget to click the box below or above the image to win iPhone x, good luck.

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