Tips for Choosing Beach Wedding Centerpieces

beach wedding lantern centerpieces

If you want to have a wedding in beach, or just a wedding with beach and tropical theme, you should prepare beach wedding centerpieces to decor your wedding reception. Beach wedding is considered one of the most desirable wedding theme because it has the romantic and warm atmosphere. If you want the beach wedding, your duty is keeping the atmosphere with unique ornaments and centerpieces.

Unique Beach Wedding Centerpieces

You should try to combine seashells and starfishes with various things to decor your wedding party. As the centerpieces, you may put them into vintage and antique look, or even luxurious and elegant look, it is actually depends on your choice and taste.

Set your wedding in sunset and you can put several candles as your centerpieces. Of course, it is not just a candle, but combine it with beach items. You can put seashells and tropical flower petals in a glass, then put a floating candle on it. Place them along the buffet table to keep the warm atmosphere. You can also pile up the sweets and put a starfish on the top of it.

Choosing Beach Wedding Centerpieces

There are several things you must have to keep in mind for choosing beach wedding centerpieces. Notice that not every flower can be used in hot beach climate, except if you want the party in the evening. It is best if you choose the flowers that don’t wither in heat.

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