The History of 1940s Wedding Dresses

wedding dresses in 1940

1940s wedding dresses are varied from simple to stylish due to WWII happened during that period.Wartime made most women to wear only simple or even borrowed dresses on their wedding day. After the war, however, the fashion changed drastically and so were the wedding dresses. The New Look pushed stylish and feminine wedding dresses into the surface.

1940s Wedding Dresses during Wartime

The wedding dresses during wartime were limited by war rationing. Women of that time ended up with practical or borrowed wedding dresses with Gibson or mutton sleeves. Suit style wedding dresses with broad shoulders and slim cinched waist were popular in U.S because of their simple look. The dresses were designed with minimal accents and not using lace or sequin embroidery. Masculine look is definitely main point of suit style wedding dresses.

New Look Wedding Dresses

The New Look was created in the late 1940s, thanks to a clothing line called Corolle by Christian Dior. The wedding dresses from that period accentuated women body lines with v-neck collars, long pointed sleeves, tighter waists and full skirts. This feminine and stylish look stayed popular until 1950s. Even today, many wedding dress designs are inspired from the New Look style.

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