The Beauty of Non Floral Wedding Centerpieces

beautiful non floral wedding centerpieces

Non floral wedding centerpieces get our attention due to their beauty even when most wedding centerpieces are flowery. The beauty comes from their uniqueness to use other materials as your centerpieces. You could add your personal touch by using elements that match your wedding theme. These centerpieces also save your money because you don’t have to buy expensive flowers to make them look luxurious.

DIY Non Floral Wedding Centerpieces

Candles are the simplest material to make wedding centerpieces. Buy different shapes of candles and put them inside a glass container. You can put colorful beads to get a more fun and vibrant look. Another idea, peacock feathers! Put them in a plain tall vase and you will get a glamour centerpiece. For a nautical themed wedding, you can use white corals and put them inside glass containers as your centerpiece.

Origami is also another thing you can try to make as your centerpiece. Make small swans from colorful papers and put them inside small glass bowls. These beautiful swans are perfect for romantic wedding theme. If you are planning to have a garden wedding party, you can make your centerpiece from wood logs. Tie two small wood logs with different height using cute ropes to get a warm garden feeling.

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