Sunflower Wedding Bouquets to Country and Rustic Wedding

small sunflower wedding bouquets

Having several sunflower wedding bouquets all over your wedding party is actually not a bad idea. Instead, it is fresh and unique because not many people use sunflower as their wedding bouquet. The sunny color of sunflower can bring the joy and lighten the mood around your wedding. It fits with any bright color that you put as your wedding decoration.

Sunflower Wedding Bouquets for Rustic Wedding

If you have this simple and country wedding with the touch of rustic, you can have sunflowers as the main part of your decoration. Have them delivered in morning so it is still fresh and ready to cut. Wrap them into several bouquets and give them to each bridemaid. The bride’s bouquets must have richer and more luxurious impression, so you can combine it with another complement flowers, such as a bunch of little daisies, peonies, or even berries.

If you decide to have sunflower alone as your wedding bouquet, pick several sunflowers with big flower heads and have their branches and leaves still on. Wrap them with fabric and ribbon to complete your sunflower bouquet.

Having Sunflower as Wedding Decoration

Beside the bouquets, you also can have sunflower for the wedding decoration. Put them all over your wedding reception, make them as the center part of your decoration. You can decor the wedding cake and sweets with sunflower, put the sunflower centerpieces, make sunflower petals as the confetti, and many more.

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