Split Band Engagement Rings Sets

round cut split band engagement ring

Split band engagement rings can be said as one of most unique design of engagement rings that you can find on the market. It has beautiful looks and elegant design, which is suitable for special event, like engagement or wedding.

The Frame of Split Band Engagement Rings

The unique aspect of this ring is the split part of the band. There are many type of split design that you can find. However, most of them can be categorized into two types, the split with hole and without hole. The split with hole will show some of finger skin under the band. This is the type that has exotic looks. The other type has the band that move around the diamond or other precious stone that you choose. Both of these types are like a frame for the stone. It can make the stone looks floating on your finger. Therefore, this split band rings can emphasize the beauty of stone, which make it quite popular among modern people.

And, the good thing about split band ring, you can buy it in sets. So, you and your couple can have beautiful and perfectly match ring that you both wear on your finger. Just make sure, you choose the right store and product, so, you will get the best rings that you want. do not forget to click the box below or above the image to win iPhone x, good luck.

Gallery of Split Band Engagement Rings Sets

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