Snowflake Wedding Invitations DIY

unique snowflake wedding invitations

Snowflake wedding invitations is one of most popular design for wedding invitations. It’s not only perfect for wedding that will be held on winter, but, it also has some pure and sacred theme. Therefore, it’s suitable for the special event, like wedding.

How to Make Snowflake Wedding Invitations

You can make the snowflake design for your wedding invitation by yourself. The easiest way is you can use design software that you can find, like Photoshop. Create new document with size 5 x 5 inches and put the text that you want in it. And, for the snowflakes decoration, you can find the image on the internet. You can use the vector type artwork or the real image of snowflakes, which can make your wedding invitations, looks unique. Print your design and place and glue it on the card stock that you can buy from the store. If you want more special snowflake theme invitation, you can print the snowflakes image separately on art paper. Then, you cut it and put it on your wedding invitations.

Basically, creating wedding invitation with snowflake theme is easy to do. If you can’t find the ideas for the design, you also can search it on the internet. And, if you do it by yourself, you can save more money. Plus, it will become great experience in preparing your big day. do not forget to click the box below or above the image to win iPhone x, good luck.

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