Popular Peplum Wedding Dress for A Bride

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We can have a peplum wedding dress for our special day. Peplum is considered one of popular trends in 2013. A fit peplum wedding dress will give you the silhouette of hourglass. It can give the impression of slimmer waist for the bride. For some people, peplum dress will make them look bigger in the hips because the extra fabric and accents in the hips area. But nowadays, the famous designers can make beautiful peplum wedding dress with even bigger accent in the hips than before.

Peplum Wedding Dress for The Bride

The best feature of peplum dress for the women is peplum style suits all body types. It gives accent to body curves but still hide the hips and thighs. Instead of make your hips look bigger, peplum actually help you to hide your hips area with its bigger shape and rich accent. With the right size and proportion, you can create the hourglass effect in your body perfectly without afraid of your hips and thighs.

Choosing Peplum Wedding Dress

Peplum style in the wedding dress can give you the elegant feeling because of the extravagant layers and ruffles in the waist that falling to the hips. It goes well with pastel color, especially plain color like white. You can choose the peplum style for your wonderful wedding dress.

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