Pnina Wedding Dresses: Spying Her Recent Collection!

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Many brides love how fancy pnina wedding dresses are. Yet they often don’t dare to dream on wearing them since the dresses are on high-sky prices. If you are belong to one of brides who adore pnina dress collection, let’s have a look on her new collection in 2015. Check them out and hope it inspires a lot in your wedding dress finding!

Pnina Wedding Dresses 2015 Collection

In this year, it seems that pnina wedding dresses present slim design silhouette. While for the line they come in various styles from the mermaid tail style, classic A-line style, and also sheath style. For its neckline, Pnina tried to make the bride show off her sexy figure through the dramatic sweetheart, plunging and V-neck neckline. Some of her collection still follows the traditional rule of ball gown, but it still combine with tight shape at the upper bodice.

Although embellishment cannot be apart over the pnina wedding dresses, but the recent collection comes with simple beadings and embellishment too. Most of pnina gowns use lace, satin and floral patterned fabric to decorate the look of their gown. Despite of this simplicity, the brides will be the centre of attention since this smart designer puts stack of laces, transparent sheer, tulle sweeping tails, and many more to make it a statement. 2015 pnina wedding dresses also present vibrant motifs as large floral.

Then, what differentiate this recent collection with the previous one? The answer is about the simplicity. Once we saw the pnina wedding gown collection at 2014, most of the design follows the princess ball gown silhouette with heavy ornaments over the corset bodice. While at now, the design comes with simple cut line, simple beadings, yet still sexy. So, are there any choices of pnina wedding dresses you like the most?

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