Pink Black and White Engagement Rings

cushion cut black and white engagement rings

Black and white engagement rings has nice simple concept, but, if you look at it, you also can find a touch of elegance. The black and white color is known as the most unique color that ever applied on engagement ring. Usually, the diamond or stone will become the white part, and the band is the black part. However, today, there is one new trend, by adding one extra color in this engagement ring.

Extra Color of Black and White Engagement Rings

The extra color here is pink. The pink resemble the love in this ring. The pink color applied on different part for each design of this engagement ring. The common design would apply the pink color on the band or the band area around the stone. So, the stone will be looked like has beautiful pink frame. However, the most unique and beautiful of all would be using pink colored stone, the pink diamond.  The pink diamond can be said as one of the rarest diamond you can find, especially if the color comes naturally.

Many companies also try to cut this pink diamond into heart shape, which make it more special for engagement ring. This is also one of many factors that make this ring has really expensive price. However, if you want the most special and beautiful engagement ring, this ring is worthy to buy.

Gallery of Pink Black and White Engagement Rings

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