Non Traditional Wedding Dresses Ideas

non traditional white wedding dresses

Many modern brides these days prefer wearing non traditional wedding dresses at their special day. They are opting to break the rules of white colored dress, ball gown silhouette, bell styled sleeve, and many other classic gown characters. As the result, their wedding dresses are coming with more modern look, with some dramatic cut lines. If you are now in planning of, well, preparing beach themed or garden outdoor themed wedding party, make sure that you know well about the ideas to make a modern wedding gown.

Ideas of Non Traditional Wedding Dresses a Bride Should Know

Having non traditional wedding dresses can be done once you think that there are various colors to make your gown except the white, broken white, ivory, and its other relatives. You can go with the vibrant colors such as red, pink, cream, or brown as this is your day and you can wear everything you love. Of course for gaining a matching look, you need to suit between the colors schemes of your wedding and make it a part within your gown. That way, you will have non traditional wedding dresses which are not only pretty but also fits.

The next point to consider is about the design. Once we saw how beautiful and classic our grandma’s photo when she was getting married, you will directly see perhaps a ball gown with bell sleeve type, or the one with super long tail. On contrast, the recent trend of non traditional wedding dresses comes with simple and modest design too. For example, you can go with classic A-line dress with ¾ length sleeve, mini dress with sweetheart neckline, or a tea length dress with surplice neckline too. If your wedding party is informal, then mini dress will make you look gorgeous.

Last, non traditional wedding dresses should be designed based on the wedding theme. If you are hosting a party at new years’ eve, you can ask your designer to add gold and silver sparkle embellishment. But if your party is on beach, definitely it will be a romantic sun dress. That way, you can re-wear those dresses in any occasions such as cocktail dress or rehearsal dinner. Remember wedding dress is not cheap, once you just save it in your closet without wearing them after the celebration, come on, and consider non traditional wedding dresses ever!

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