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wedding ceremony script’s moments is the moment when the couples declare their vow in front of the priest. This moment is very special instead of making nervous. We have to say it correctly and properly. If we are incorrect, when have to repeat it until correct. After the declaration of this scrip, the couples will exit as husband and wife. So, how is the ceremony started?

The Overview of Wedding Ceremony Script

There are many types of wedding ceremony script component, starting with openings, reading, vows, ring exchange, unity, and more. It depends the culture and tradition that people believe. The first ceremony, the priest and groom enter first, either through a side door or down the aisle, and wait at the altar. The couple also can enter together. Another version, the priest enters first and then followed by the groom that escort his mother to her seat.

After the bride and groom have already at the altar, the priest starts the opening by greeting the guests. Then, he continues to the part of reading. The reading is to highlight the important of marriage. The vows are declared by repeating the priest. After making the vows, the couple exchange the rings and declare as a husband and wife. The ceremony is sacred. Make two couples to be unity.

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