Koozie Wedding Favors to Your Special Day

koozie wedding favor ideas

Having koozie wedding favors is another unique idea to brighten your special wedding day. Koozie is actually a fabric to insulate beverage bottle or can so that it keeps the coolness. It can be made from various materials, such as polyester, vinyl, plain foam, closed and open cell foam, or even leather. You can have your own customized koozie for your wedding favors. By using safe koozie material and unique printed design, you can present them for your guests.

Koozie Wedding Favors for Your Guests

Nowadays, koozie is not just ‘clothes’ for bottle and can. As wedding favors, you can put them all over your wedding reception. You also can tuck in some sweet things, such as candy or flowers in koozie before you put them in guests’ welcome bag. You can use them as decorations with various design to make them look attractive. Moreover, if you are serving canned or bottled beer in your wedding reception. Koozie will be useful for all your guests.

Wedding Related Design for Koozie

You will find that koozie is not hard to find and decorate. Through the internet, you can find many websites that provide their service to produce koozie for wedding occasion. Most of them will print koozie with your own design, but you can also choose their cute and available design. You can decor koozie with the bride and groom’s name initial, or some wedding related quotes and praying. With customized and personalized koozie, your wedding will give impression that last in your guests.

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