Informal Wedding Invitation Wording

informal wedding invitation envelope wording

Informal wedding invitation wording can be made in many ways. Since it is informal, you do not need to think about difficult words to choose. This kind of invitation is the best to invite your close friends since they already know your character. The good point of having informal invitation is you can play with the words and explore your creativity in order to make the best invitation wording that suits your need.

Things to Put on Informal Wedding Invitation Wording

If you are ready to make the invitation by yourself, you just need to play with the words. For example, you can use the daily language or slang language on the card. Or else, you can also make it to the guessing contest. Therefore, your friend will find it amusing when they receive the invitation for your engagement party. The best thing of this kind of invitation is you will be able to make it as you like.

The other thing that you can put on your informal invitation is the photograph of yours and your spouse. You can make funny faces for the picture so your friends will laugh at you when they receive the invitation. Make sure that you have fun in making the invitation of your engagement.

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