Floating Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

blue floating diamond engagement ring

Floating diamond engagement ring is the best idea that you can get if you want to have unique engagement ring. This kind of ring will have diamond on its center stage which will be seen like it is floating. That is why it is considered as unique since the diamond floats on the ring. Well, actually it is not really float since the gold holds the stone in the middle of the air. It does not matter because the ring is still unique in many ways.

Get Your Floating Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are interested to have this kind of ring for your engagement, you do not need to be afraid if you have to pay for high price. Actually, floating diamond ring does not need diamond with high carat or big size. Low carat is alright because the design will make it look bigger and perfectly shine.

You can combine the diamond with red gold or white gold. With this combination, it is obvious that your ring will be very glamour and you will be very happy to have it on your finger. Therefore, your engagement day will be very memorable because of the ring. Undoubtedly, many girl will feel like they want to be like you.

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