Emerald Engagement Ring Meaning

luxury emerald engagement ring meaning

Emerald engagement ring meaning becomes hot topic among those who want to have their engagement party. Some people believe that diamond ring is more preferable since it is very durable. They wish if they wear the diamond ring, their love will last forever. Well, it is true that some people think in that way. However, you need to know that diamond is not the only stone which has good meaning for relationship. Emerald has it as well.

Knowing Emerald Engagement Ring Meaning

Undoubtedly, emerald has deep meaning that you will like. There are many evidences which said that emerald represents true love. It is sure that you will like it to have emerald ring on your finger since it is very meaningful. Since hundreds years ago, emerald stone becomes the symbol of true love and loyalty. That is why it is preferable to be used as engagement ring since the meaning is clear.

There is also legend about emerald stone that you need to know. Since this stone is the symbol of true love and loyalty, it is said that the green color of the stone will change when one of the couple is unfaithful. The truth of this legend is still unknown but it is sure that emerald will be great choice for you.

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