Cartier Engagement Rings in a Glance

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Cartier engagement rings have a long history before becoming these long-lasting popular engagement rings. It was used for the very first time in France in 1800s. At that time, it became a family business by a man whose name became the name of the brand itself. Because of the hard effort he attempted in marketing this brand throughout the France, it is well-known until the current days. It becomes a preference of French people.

The Historical Journey of Cartier Rings

Cartier rings are not only renowned among common French people but also in royal people. Because of its elegance, the rings were also loved by King Edward VII of England. He ordered not only Cartier engagement rings but also other jewelries, such as tiaras. This action was soon followed by prestige royal people from other European countries, like Monaco, Portugal, Spain, and Greece. Cartier family seemed to be very tight to keep his product reputation by keeping the quality.

The success story of Cartier engagement rings also have the story if failure. The wise men said that failure is just pending luck. One of his customers at that time sent his negative comments about the product he bought. He said that the Cartier product he brought was unreliable and not that practical to be in a flight. Cartier promised to increase and watch out more the quality ever since. Although in fact his products have been popular among royals for Cartier engagement rings.

The good teamwork between Cartier and his business partner, Jaeger, gave a golden result. By signing the contract to work as a team, they successfully distribute the product all over the European countries at that time. One of which was London. Long before Tacori rings become favorite in the US, Cartier’s have touched American people’s heart for his excellent Cartier engagement rings. do not forget to click the box below or above the image to win iPhone x, good luck.

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