Beautiful Fall Wedding Favors For Your Guests

fall wedding favors for guests

Fall wedding favors are some of the most beautiful wedding theme. It has much deep meaning behind the theme. Color work also can make us comfortable. If you have chosen a theme color, then the easiest way to select your fall wedding favors. It will stay within the same color with your family and your wedding colors.

Choose Your Fall Wedding Favors

You could give you guests a photo frame which decorate by fall leaves. Nothing is more practical than that. You can also give your guests a card clamp made from the stems of fall leaves. That thing also could clamp your notes and clamp your book that you can use in the office or hang your cooking recipes in the kitchen.

Fall wedding favors have many types, it adjusted by your passion. Another type is candle. There is nothing more romantic than a fall evening that decorated with dim lights, colorful leaves. Beautiful candlelight can provide atmosphere in a romantic autumn night. Besides, you can also give your guests a table decoration that has accents of autumn leaves. You can also slip a bit of a gap to put a note or photo in it. So give your guests a useful aid that will bring memories of your special event each time they enjoy it.

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