Athenaeum International's Production Facility 
Glasgow, KY
Design/Build/Use is our model of operation. Design is only part of the process and it is on-going as we experience the build and use cycles.  Our Glasgow production facility produces our most popular "stock" items, and creates unique, custom products for clients and prototypes cutting edge designs for the Boulder design team. Building and using our own products helps us receive the feedback necessary to rapidly improve product quality and functionality. In addition, getting our own production facility up and running gives us a common experience with many of our clients who are experiencing rapid growth and change.
Athenaeum International's primary production facility is in Glasgow, Kentucky. It was recently moved from a 5000 sqare foot shop in Louisville, KY to a 16,000 square foot facility in Glasgow. This has increased our flexibility in the types of items we can manufacture and our scheduling, enabling us to better serve clients who need full environments within a short time. Negotiations are now underway to expand that facility to further increase our throughput while maintaining our ValueWebTM of suppliers and other producers.
Brian Ross is Plant Manager with a work force of 15 skilled employees including John Pace in charge of production and Lynn Ross as Office Manager. We are constantly upgrading and expanding our production capabilities with hi-tech and custom machinery to keep pace with our innovative  design team headed by Bill Blackburn in the Boulder office. At the same time, we provide significant feedback and design input as both builders and users of our products. The photo on the right shows a Foundation Series II WorkWallTM unit being constructed in the shop. Although it will be disassembled to ship, this preconstruction guarantees easy installation.
We now have the capacity in-house to produce the complete line of 
furniture, including FSI and FSII WorkFurnitureTM and WorkWallTM units, the Cube OfficeTM System, the PODTM workstation, and custom office enviroments such as Ernst & Young's Atlanta ASE and Borgess Health Alliance's Navigation CenterTM facility. A constant flow of quality, crafteman-made products passed through our truck dock on its way to our clients.
Many items are shipped partially assembled. Workstations, cubes, and WorkWallTM Units are assembled on the job. As well as having in-house installers, we also enlist as part of our team,Gunner Kaersvang on large installations.   For the largest projects, everyone can work on installation. Pictured at the left is Bill Blackburn, Athenaeum International's President and Principal Designer getting some Build and Use experience. 

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