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Intelligent Workplaces and Domiciles

This is the new home page for the Athenaeum International web site. Content will be added to this new site update, but the legacy site will remain available from every page (see the link for "Legacy Site" in the lighter gray navigation bar above.

Athenaeum International Environments makes work furniture, armature, custom millwork and, soon, components for our elegant, affordable housing products.

Applying the patented Taylor System and Method, we have attained an advanced level of lean manufacturing that helps us drastically reduce the Design-Build-Use cycle time while maintaining high quality standards. Our products are durable, of a timeless design and carry the lowest lifecycle cost of any products remotely comparable to ours.

We use natural materials to build our environments for a variety of reasons. They are renewable. They recycle easier. They age and repair more gracefully. There is an easy affinity with them. There are thousands of years of long accepted design and craft grammar associated with these materials and this provides an anchor for people even as so much else is new.

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